IM Land brings together some of the best and most experienced property professionals in the industry. With a blend of backgrounds, from housebuilders to local government and planning services, the team members have the ability and know-how to deliver not only exceptional, but complex development schemes. Our focus is perpetual, and the results speak for themselves. At every step of the process, IM Land guide our team of specialist consultants towards a well-designed development scheme, with the principle of deliverability at its core. IM Land aim to produce best value by minimising technical and planning risks, resulting in consents that developers can trust. IM Land are a unique and unrivalled promoter partner. IM Land has a development pipeline of over 12,000 plots providing a balanced portfolio of committed, near, medium and long-term projects which following successful promotion through the planning system will deliver phased development land with a value in excess of £1 billion. The unique nature and flexibility of IM Land means that we are able to make the structure of any deal work for you.

This can include:

  • Purchase – Should you wish to sell your site quickly and easily, then we have experience and appetite to purchase the freehold of sites conditionally or unconditionally (examples MOD Ensleigh, Blythe Valley Park)
  • Partner - If you have a development opportunity which requires additional funding, IM Land welcome and have the knowledge of joint venture arrangements
  • Promote - If you want a guide through the planning system and to receive best value for your asset, then we are well versed in bringing forward opportunities under Promotion or Option agreements (examples Gaydon, Lichfield)