Affordable homes at the heart of Wycombe proposals

IM Land is continuing to invest in communities in the south east of England, securing a new site in the heart of Wycombe district to promote for residential development through the emerging Local Plan.

Delivering quality homes at affordable prices is a major challenge for local authorities across the country, and IM Land is at the forefront of identifying potential residential sites and then developing proposals sensitively for them in conjunction with local communities.

As demographic pressures mount, Wycombe District Council is looking to identify land for at least 13,200 new homes by 2033. The Council hopes to proceed to the next round of consultation on its evolving Local Plan in the Autumn.

IM Land has identified a site off Holtspur Lane in Wooburn Green, south of Wycombe, capable of delivering much needed affordable housing, together with significant open spaces adjacent to the M40.The land could deliver around 250 homes in a range of sizes and tenures alongside delivering significant investment through CIL and S106 agreements in local facilities and infrastructure.

IM Land’s strategic land director, Jonathan Dyke explains:

“There are enormous housing pressures in Wycombe,. In 2014-15 only 83 affordable homes were delivered across the whole of Wycombe District and there were1,570 people on the local authority’s waiting list at the end of 2016. Because supply is so limited, and because it’s a very desirable place to live, the average house price has now reached £390,000.

“IM Land’s proposals seek to integrate into the landscape with retention of existing trees and hedgerows, together with new planting. The proposals would seek to reflect existing housing designs and include significant public open space, a children’s play area, a sustainable urban drainage system, and new footpaths and cycleways.

“These are just outline ideas at this stage, but we believe they provide a sound basis to have conversations with the officers and councilors in Wycombe,” says Jonathan. “From our experience elsewhere, we understand that it’s very much about a partnership approach, especially with regard to how the Local Plan evolves.”